Newest title: Late Lights by Kara Weiss.

 • posted by paperwasp on april 15, 2013 • 

cover image of late lights by kara weiss

Colony Collapse is pleased to announce our newest title, Late Lights by Kara Weiss. Late Lights is a novella-in-stories about Monty, Erin, and B.J., three childhood friends who have grown into three very different people. Each story delves into a different aspect of their lives, exploring the intensely difficult and complicated realities of their adolescent experience. Juvenile detention, illicit sex, violence, gender—the characters may be young, but the stories are entirely grown up.

Soundtrack to Apparently Drown to

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Check it out Michael Sheehan's suggested soundtrack for the stories in his collection, Proposals for the Recovery of the Apparently Drowned. In order of the book's table of contents:

jean takes a moment to respond exit music for a film by radiohead

proposals for the recovery of the apparently drowned transmission by joy division

the horror spaghetti-midwestern by chants

september tom sawyer by the bad plus (rush cover)

Proposals for the Recovery of the Apparently Drowned out now

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Order like a billion copies today, and get them in time for x-mas. Michael Sheehan's debut collection is so good it makes santa cry into his beer. Buy one for everyone you've ever met.

pre-order Proposals for the Recovery of the Apparently Drowned

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Michael Sheehan's debut story collection is forthcoming in early December. Pre-order your copy today for a reduced rate of $10 including shipping, and you'll receive Proposals for the Recovery of the Apparently Drowned while its so hot from the press that the steam still rises.

novella and chapbook submissions now open

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colony collapse is now reading unsolicited manuscripts. please read the guidelines on our submissions page. we look forward to reading your work!

welcome to colony collapse press

 • posted by paperwasp on may 16, 2012 • 

the editors of colony collapse press are pleased to announce our official debut as a small publisher of small books.

colony collapse will produce attractive, pocket-size editions, primarily of novellas, fiction chapbooks, and short-length nonfiction works. short form prose has been largely neglected by the contemporary publishing landscape (thanks, capitalism!), but history has given us good reasons to consider this an oversight--think camus' stranger or conrad's heart of darkness or kafka's pretty much everything. colony collapse is dedicated to the mission of increasing attention and readership for such short forms and their authors, particularly early- and mid-career writers, for whom we hope to serve as a stepping stone in the ongoing journeys to long careers and longer publications. plus maybe we'll do the occasional novel, too, who knows?

our books will appealing, digestible, and travel lightly. we look forward to bringing you our first editions soon.

(writers: check back in the near future for our first open submission period.)